Should I Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer?

What exactly is a criminal defense lawyer and who benefits from their services? A criminal defense lawyer works exclusively with defendants. In other words, this lawyer works only with people charged with a crime, not with the person who is making a case. That person is called the plaintiff and they work with a prosecuting attorney.

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A criminal defense lawyer will defend and protect a defendant’s rights. This does not mean that a criminal defense attorney works to absolve a defendant of all consequences. In many cases, a lawyer is actually aware that the defendant did commit a crime. The criminal defense lawyer’s job is to protect the defendant from unfair or unjust treatment. They serve to ensure that the defendant if they are indeed guilty, faces consequences that match the nature of their crime.

If a criminal defense lawyer is working with a person who was wrongfully accused of a crime, they will work to absolve the defendant of all consequences. If you’ve been charged with a crime, whether or not you are guilty of said crime, you must hire a criminal defense lawyer to protect yourself.

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