Worried About Fraud in Your Company?

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Employee embezzlement is a serious issue. Employees can hack in to certain computer information and steal money from the company while no one notices. Unless of course, you have a computer forensic expert that can examine all the records for the company. Only they can exonerate or implicate an employee in a case of employee embezzlement.

In 1850, Allen Pinkerton formed the Pinkerton National Detective Agency, which is one of the most famous agencies of all time. Today, there are private investigators and detectives as well, but many of them often work for attorneys, especially in civil cases, like a case of employee embezzlement.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, around a quarter of private investigators today are self employed, and about half of all private investigators work for financial institutions, credit collection services or other businesses.

Why use a certified fraud examiner? Fraud is another serious problem that occurs in business quite often. Fraud examiners are trained to understand not only how fraud occurs, but why. Certified fraud examiners often have to come in and inspect the case, and find out if fraud was actually committed. There are many types of fraud, from tax fraud to insurance fraud to property fraud.

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