Real Estate Lawyer Cost Breakdown

In this video, you will learn about a real estate law firm. Closing costs are the number one complaint in real estate law today. The attorney’s fee is going to be a small line on the closing cost. Video Source Mist of your closing fee is going to be escrow and lenders fee. Any fee […]

Picking a Criminal Defense Lawyer

In this video, you will learn about criminal law attorneys. There are a few things that your criminal defense lawyer should be doing for you. First, they need to investigate the charges that you are facing. Video Source Charges generally start with the compliant. This is what the judge uses to formally charge you with. […]

Should I Buy Self Defense Insurance?

Are you an avid gun enthusiast? Are you worried about getting into a scenario where you think you’ll need to be insured because you may get into an accident? Well, ccw insurance is something you probably need to look into. Concealed carry insurance is basically insuring you if something were to go wrong while you […]

Understanding Inheritance Tax

Perhaps you are a beneficiary and worrying about inheritance taxes. You may be asking yourself, if I have to pay, how much will I need to? How is the amount determined? In this video, you will learn all about how inheritance tax works so that you can be informed and know what to expect about […]

What To Do After Youve Been in a Car Accident

After getting in a car accident, there are many issues to tackle. Whether you were injured or not, there many aspects that must be dealt with. What is a very stressful situation can be amplified if you do not know the correct steps to take. In this video, you will learn what actions you should […]

Trade Talks: Criminal Lawyer

Thomas Spohr is a criminal defense lawyer in Australia. In this YouTube video, he gives insight into the day-to-day life of a criminal lawyer and offers tips on how to enter and succeed in the field. Thomas first discusses what interests him most about criminal law. Video Source What keeps him going is dealing with […]

Where to Serve Court Ordered Community Service

Many people break the law throughout their lives, sometimes just a handful of times, and end up needing to perform community service. Often, this punishment is enough to scare many people away from breaking the law for good. If you have been sentenced to this type of punishment, it is important to know where to […]