How to File a Complaint at The Disability Law Office

If you’re getting mental health services and unhappy with something, you can file a complaint. There’s a process you need to follow when filing a complaint with the Department of Mental Health (DMH). In the past, if you were unhappy with something at a mental health facility, there wasn’t a straightforward way to complain. But things have changed. If you have an issue, there are three ways to file a complaint.

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Administrative resolution is the quickest way to try to fix the problem. 10-day fact-finding: Someone investigates your complaint to see what happened. A 30-day fact-finding investigation is a more in-depth probe of your complaint. Remember that your complaint should be about one specific thing. And the more details you can give, the better.

Investigators look into what happened and see if your complaint is valid. If they decide it isn’t, you have the right to ask them to look into it again. Another interesting thing about the filing is a public log. That’s a complaints list filed against a particular facility. So, if you’re thinking about filing a complaint, you can check this list to see if other people have had similar problems.

DMH is serious about what counts as a complaint. It must be dangerous, illegal, or inhumane. Dangerous means anything that could hurt someone, and illegal is against the law. Inhumane is just plain wrong. You’ve got rights too, like being interviewed and having someone with you. The disability law office can provide answers to any questions you may have.


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