Should A Mediation Lawyer Be Present At Your Mediation?

You’re going into a mediation process and hiring a lawyer seems a little extreme. Well, it’s not. Investing in a mediation lawyer can be a great asset to have in your corner. What you really need to determine is if what you have on the line is valuable enough that you’re willing to hire a lawyer.

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How important are the stakes? If what you’re fighting for is valuable or important to your life, you should consider hiring a lawyer.

Meet with a lawyer so you understand what to expect. When you go to mediation, the mediator is not there for you or the opposing counsel. They are there to mediate the situation and find a solution that everyone can compromise on. Talking with a lawyer before you go, can prepare you to present your case in an effective way.

You’re going to mediation to find a compromise, but you still want the situation to go in your favor. A bad recommendation could make it very difficult to get what you want. A mediator can also convince you to give up something you don’t want to sacrifice. Meeting with a lawyer can help you get what you want.


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