What a Worker’s Compensation Lawyer is Fighting For

Injury at work lawyers

Hopefully, no one will ever get hurt on the job. Sadly, it happens more often than you might think. People get hurt on the job every day and they need to be protected.

For so many people in the United States, living paycheck to paycheck is a natural existence. That is just reserved for the poor, either. Many people have accumulated a lifestyle that has to be maintained and working paycheck to paycheck is the only way that can happen.

In 2013, there were 327,060 job-related injuries reported. Slip, trip, and fall injuries accounted for 229,190 injuries and 170,450 were injuries to the back. That same year, 917,100 injuries and illness that occurred while on the job resulted in days missed from work.

A workers compensation lawyer is someone who deals day in and day out with the difficult dilemmas that can arise out of the murky waters of workplace injuries. They understand the law in this area and can help you navigate what can often be a very difficult road.

There is a brief time period during which you can obtain worker benefits. If you retain a workers compensation attorney sooner rather than later, you will be able to increase your chances of obtaining benefits. Depending on the situation, this period could be as short as a month from the day of the incident. A workers compensation lawyer investigates, builds a case, and helps you get everything you are entitled to.

Contrary to what you might hear or have even said yourself, you are not taking abusing a system by seeking to receive benefits after an illness or injury at work. Worker’s compensation was set up to protect workers on the job. It is a system that is in place and is being used successfully all the time. Through worker’s comp, 100% of medical costs are covered and cash is paid to make up for lost time at work while recovering.

Remeber that corporations and insurance companies very rarely have your best interests in mind. They have a bottom line they have to tend to and they might see your illness or injury as hurting that.

But, you have rights, too. In fact, your rights are very clear to someone who practices as a workers compensation lawyer. When you need to hire one, know that when you do, you will be bringing someone onto your side. Someone who will defend your rights and get you and your family the benefits you deserve.

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