The Importance of Seeking Legal Help When You’re Aware of Elder Abuse and Neglect

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There are a variety of situations where someone will want or require legal help or advice. If someone believes they have grounds for a personal injury claim, for example, it’s important to contact an attorney for a consultation. This is a particularly positive course of action when someone suspects, is aware of, or has witnessed incidences of elder abuse and neglect.

In the United States, many elderly Americans over 65 years of age experience some type of fall. Statistics show that this is the case for one out of every three elderly individuals. While this may be a sign of neglect and/or abuse, there are other circumstances that can lead to these accidents.

Many older adults prefer to age-in-place when possible. Given this, some may not have made modifications to their homes accordingly. When these are made, however, it has the potential to reduce the incidence of falls.

It is not unusual for older adults to regularly or occasionally experience balance issues or bouts of dizziness. When this is the case, these individuals may require someone to stay with them or otherwise monitor their well-being on a regular basis. If they need some type of mobility device or modifications made to their home, then this should be addressed in order to create a safer environment for them.

Sometimes, elderly individuals need to stay in a nursing home on a temporary or permanent basis. It is unfortunate that residents in these facilities have reported both abuse and neglect. More than 40% of these residents have reported abuse. An even greater percentage, however, have reported that either they or someone else residing in the facility has suffered from neglect. More than 90% of United States’ nursing home residents have claimed that this has occurred.

There are a large percentage of incidents of elder abuse that haven’t been reported to the appropriate authorities, according to a recent study. The researchers estimated that just one out of every 14 of these cases were reported. When you’re aware that an elderly person is being neglected or abused, it’s vital that you report this. You may also realize that you need to seek legal help from a nursing home abuse lawyer or a nursing home neglect lawyer.

If you or a relative has experienced neglect or abuse, it’s important to take action and seek legal help. A personal injury attorney will be able to advise you on how to proceed under these circumstances. Furthermore, since this can be a challenging time on many levels, your attorney will be there to support you through the process.

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