What is a Payment and Performance Bond Agency?

The YouTube video “What are Payment & Performance Bonds?” outlines the roles and responsibilities of a payment and performance bond agency. Bond agencies play an important role in the construction industry. Especially in major projects funded by the government or private investors.

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Bond agents generally act as third-party agents between contractors, subcontractors, and clients.

Why Do I Need a Bond Agent

In the construction industry, when large projects are undertaken, there is also a real risk that the project may fail due to the underperformance of the relevant parties to the agreement. This will result in significant financial losses for the client. A bonding agent oversees the project to ensure projects are completed successfully and that all relevant parties are paid what is due to them.

A bonding agent will assure peace of mind for every party involved. From the start, each player in the project is vetted to ensure that they are compliant on all levels and that their history reflects their skills, ability, and commitment to seeing projects through to fruition. Some of the services offered by bonding agents include managing disputes, underwriting, issuing bonds, offering support, managing claims, and general consultation.


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