Mar 19 2017

Divorce attorneys for men

The papers were delivered to your house on a Thursday.
You remember, because Thursdays are when you go to your meetings. The meetings where you are learning to deal with your addiction. The meetings where some have indicated that it is smart to avoid making any major life changes for the first year of trying to get a handle on your addiction.
The papers, however, were delivered to your house. As a result, you must deal with the consequences. Your wife has filed divorce papers, you are back at home living with your parents while you come to terms with your addiction. Last night your dad sat down with you and offered what seems like some sound advice though. He suggested that since it seemed the divorce was inevitable, you might as well face the facts and start researching the Read more ...

Mar 04 2017

Motorcycle accidents

Being injured in any type of accident is a traumatic experience. Even more stressful than the actual experience can be trying to decide if and how to take legal action following the incident. Those involving automobiles can be especially impactful, often leading to injuries that may even be life-threatening. This is why it’s so important for victims to seriously consider pursuing personal injury settlements.

The first step in this process involves finding a personal injury lawyer, or in this case an automobile accident lawyer. This injury lawyer will guide you through the legal process ass long as your incident falls within the statute of limitations, which is the set time on how long you have to file a “civil” law suit and can vary per state. In the state of Tennessee, for example, the statute of l

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Feb 27 2017

Wrongful death lawyer

If you have been in a car accident that was not your fault, you are not the only one. During the daylight hours, at any given minute, there are about 660,000 distracted drivers tooling around on American roads. They an be looking at a text, talking on the phone or playing with their sound system. At the same time, there are a number of people behind the wheel who have been drinking or using drugs. At least 9.9 million people admitted to driving while under the influence. All of this contributes to the number of motor vehicle accidents every year. It has been estimated that more than 37,000 people lose their lives every year in auto accidents. Another 2.5 million are hurt or left permanently disabled. If you have been in such an accident, you may need a personal injury lawyer. If the accident was real

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Feb 08 2017

Personal injury attorney tulsa ok

One of the most important things about having a peaceful and rewarding time at work is knowing for sure that your work environment is a place which is perfectly safe to work in. Work environments are often hazardous, depending on the kind of work that you’re doing, and it is the responsibility, in most cases, of your employer to ensure that safe and secure work conditions are maintained at all times. In spite of this, there can sometimes be instances of work related injuries. These injuries can vary from trivial and small ones to even life-threatening ones that can severely debilitate and injure you, making you lose a lot of your productive time and even creating financial turmoil by requiring expensive medical treatment. Personal injury is something that is under the purview of law, and if

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