Apr 29 2016

Bail bond agency

Do you know someone who has recently had a run in with the law and you’re desperate to help them navigate the legal process? As scary as getting arrested can be it’s important to remember that your loved one still has rights; they’re innocent until proven guilty, remember? Even though it may not feel like it at the time, your loved one still has rights and one of those rights is having access to bail bonds in order to get out of jail before their scheduled court appearance.

Remaining in jail until the date of the scheduled court appearance can be a trying process. After all, jail isn’t the best place to be and the environment can cause a lot of undue stress, frustration, and even illness as a result of living in such close quarters. In addition, it’s vital time away from family and loved ones that coul

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Apr 15 2016

Civil rights attorney wisconsin

Did you know that 96% of cases are settled pretrial? For this reason alone, it?s a good idea to have an injury lawyer on your side for your case.

The Washingtonian this week detailed how there?s been an increasing demand for, specifically, bicycling personal injury lawyers. As more people take to bikes to get to work, not surprisingly, there are a corresponding increase in the number of accidents occur. Sometimes this is because bikers are less familiar with the rules of the road, and sometimes it is because motorists are not paying attention to their surroundings, etc.

Jeanie Osborn, for example, was a bicyclist who had to deal with an incomplete police report when she went to make a claim against the insurance company of the car that hit her. ?No officer took down witness names,? s

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Apr 13 2016

Legal videoconferencing

Do you need more information about obtaining a court reporter for hire? When a team of lawyers and/or legal assistants is putting together a case for a lawsuit or any other legal proceeding, the entire foundation of the case is based on statements given by the plaintiff, the defendant, and any witnesses that have knowledge of the situation.

Obtaining a precise record of the situation from every party involved is critical for the accuracy and legality of the case. This record of the facts of the case from each involved party is called the “deposition.” The deposition must be recorded under specific and precise circumstances to maintain the integrity of the trial.

This is where a court reporter for hire comes in. A court reporter for hire understands the legal implications of recording d

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Apr 08 2016

Dui attorney cost

Some mistakes are very costly. Running that red light, in fact, could cost you your driver’s license, your job, and your freedom. Without some really good legal representation, you could be looking at some serious penalties. As soon as you returned home form the accident you started calling around and asking your friends about how to find a good DUI attorney. Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense in every state in the country. Some states, however, have harsher penalties than others.
Once you figured out how to find a good DUI attorney, you scheduled an appointment to meet. At the

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