May 24 2016

Bails bond in houston

If someone you know has been arrested then you are probably needing to secure a bail bond in order to get them out of jail. Dealing with the court system can be a little more complicated than what television makes it out to be. Bail is basically an agreement that is between the courts and the accused. The accused, or the defendant, must agree to show up to all of the future court dates and in return, the court will agree to give back the defendant’s bail money after the case is finalized. For example, say bail is set at 10,000 dollars, if the defendant abides by all the agreed upon rules and comes to every court date, then he or she will receive that 10,000 dollars back at the end of the hearings, even if the case ends in a conviction. However, if they miss even one court date, they will immediately be f

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May 23 2016

Lawyers in anniston alabama

It seems shocking that legendary artist and musical icon Prince left this earthly realm so recently — and without a will in place. The great saga of his life on stage will unfortunately continue to play out for years after his death in what is sure to be a long and ugly battle between his living relatives over his assets.

Prince was a religious man, which makes it all the more surprising that he hadn’t detailed what should happen to his earthly possessions when he died. Yet at 57, Prince was in the majority. Around 51% of Americans between the ages of 55 and 64 don’t have a will in place, and 64% of the general public doesn’t have one, either. Why?

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May 11 2016

Personal injury attorney

Most people do not ever expect to want sue anyone. Unfortunately, many people are injured through no fault of their own and end up needing to do just that. Many people in the United States are injured in car accidents that are not their fault. In 2013, more than 21,130 people died in car accidents. That same year, more than two million people were injured. More than 3,150 people were killed and approximately 424,000 were injured in accidents involving distracted drivers in 2013. At the same time, a person is injured every two minutes in an accident that involves a person driving under the influence. These accidents should be included in the personal injury law definition.

What to do if you think you have a personal injury claim:

  • Get the medical care you

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Apr 29 2016

Bail bond agency

Do you know someone who has recently had a run in with the law and you’re desperate to help them navigate the legal process? As scary as getting arrested can be it’s important to remember that your loved one still has rights; they’re innocent until proven guilty, remember? Even though it may not feel like it at the time, your loved one still has rights and one of those rights is having access to bail bonds in order to get out of jail before their scheduled court appearance.

Remaining in jail until the date of the scheduled court appearance can be a trying process. After all, jail isn’t the best place to be and the environment can cause a lot of undue stress, frustration, and even illness as a result of living in such close quarters. In addition, it’s vital time away from family and loved ones that coul

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