Why Do You Need Bail?

Are you confused about the process involved with bail bonds and posting bail? Do you have questions about getting an affidavit for exoneration of bond and what your legal rights and responsibilities are when getting out on bail? Do you need help understanding what it means to have an aggregate bond in jail? These and other vital questions about the legal processes involved with bail and bonds can be answered by your local bondsman. These are the pros who work with these kinds of cases day in and day out. They can provide professional guidance and expert insight that can make any situation easier to navigate.

Whether you have questions about assault bail conditions and terms or need help making bail bond arrangements for a loved one, your local bail bonding agency can give you the helping hand that you are looking for. For the latest information about available bail bonds and similar services, find your local bondsman and bonding company today and see what services they have available to offer you.

Arrests can happen anytime. So, if you or your loved ones are in jail, it is best to make plans to get them out by posting bail. In some cases, the bail amount can be a huge sum of money that you can’t afford at the moment. So, it is important to look for the services of bail bond agents.

Getting a person out of jail will help them continue with working or schooling. This is important because the defendant will continue earning for their families. If someone is locked up for a long time, they can lose their job or be left behind in school. So, your lawyer should ensure the bail judgments work in your favor. An arrested person is innocent until proven guilty. So, bail will help you get out of jail until the case is determined. Ask your lawyer about bail extended meaning and other issues you may want to know concerning your release.

A bail helps the defendant to prepare for the outcome of the court ruling. Once you are free, you can prepare your home or family if you spend years in prison. Ask your lawyer about bail-in nonbailable offenses and enjoy temporary freedom. Also, check for bail on new facts decided cases, and understand your position.

Arrests happen — in fact, with one in three people being arrested at least once by the time they reach 23, they happen more frequently than you might imagine. Arrests can happen for a variety of reasons, and to a variety of people. Many have negative stereotypes in mind about those who get arrested; but you could easily find yourself arrested at some point in your life. Not all arrests are based on issues like drugs or assault, either. There is a type of crime called white collar crime that presents scenarios that are usually the exact opposite of those mentioned above. White collar crime could involve things like inside trading, fraud, or money laundering. You could be arrested after a long period of knowing that an arrest was likely; or your arrest could come as a shock. Really, arrests are most shocking to the innocent — not that this should surprise anyone. Still, the issue that can come up for anyone who has been arrested is the question of whether or not to post bail. Why do you need bail? many may wonder. It may seem that you’re going to be exonerated in a short amount of time. Or perhaps you don’t think that your bail amount could possibly be that high. There are many bail bonds agencies available to help those that need bail — but first that question of “why do you need bail” must be answered.

Who Needs Bail?

Firstly, let’s look at who needs bail in the first place. Bail is, of course, the money that needs to be posted in order for a person to avoid waiting in jail for a trial or another such movement in their case. Anyone who has been arrested could potentially need bail, lest their arrest lead to nothing. It’s estimated that 52% of American men will be arrested at least once in their lifetimes; now, it’s possible that many of these men are released fairly quickly, but many more will need bail. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, the number of people who need bail had gone up by 30% in between 1990 and 2006. Now, certain families and people can pay bail by themselves. If the bails set is very low, more can take care of it. But if the bail is set at a very high level for any reason, people turn to a bail bondsman. A bail bondsman or bail bond service can be a lifesaver for those who need bail. But why do you need bail in the first place?

Why Do You Need Bail?

Without bail, you will spend your time in jail — waiting for a trial, waiting to be exonerated, or what have you. Depending on the charges involved, if you end up having to wait for a trial you could be in jail for months or even a year. The type of facility you are kept in may range in the level of security and quality. Sometimes, waiting in jail after being unable to pay bail can be very risky and even dangerous. For that matter, it can severely affect a person’s life even if they are exonerated. If you’re in jail, you can’t work and may even be fired. This will affect your ability to pay legal fees. Many find waiting in jail to be not only physically taxing, but mentally devastating. You need your mental health to be as strong as possible if you’re facing a legal battle.

What Does A Bail Bond Company Do?

Here is how a bail bond company can help you. Essentially, if you can’t pay bail, the agency will provide the money or collateral necessary to have you freed while awaiting trial or other such movements in the case. But remember, if you don’t show up in court the agency may have someone hired to track you down. There will be an initial fee of around 10% paid to the company that is non-refundable.


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