Using a Full Service Bail Bond Company to Get You Out of Jail

If you get arrested, whether for a minor or a serious offense, it is paramount to know your options. You may need to get out of jail but don’t have the money to post bail. You can hire a full-service bail bond company to post your bail. The best way to learn more about bail is through full-service bail bonding companies, which will explain the bail bonds meaning and advise on your options if you hire them. If you are facing assault causes bodily injury family violence bond amount could be high. However, it may depend on your bail argument points and your attorney’s experience.

A bail bondsman provides financial services by posting bail for people accused of crimes. For a commission, they help you get out of jail or other forms of legal trouble pending trial. You must return to court, and if you don’t return, the court will hold liable the bail bondsman for failure to appear in court. The court forfeits the bond, and the bondsman will pay before following up with the accused. Failure to appear in court is a serious crime. The court will order a warrant for your arrest, and you could face jail time.

Many people believe that they are never going to get in trouble with the law because they always abide by the law. However, it is not as easy to control as some people might think. One slip-up could land someone in jail, and even worse, someone can end up in jail because they have been falsely accused of a crime. For these situations, it is good that people have the option of bail and that they can consult with a bail bond company in order to help them get out of jail. If you are interested in learning more about bail, there is actually quite a bit to learn. It is good to learn about this even if you think that you are never going to get in trouble because you never know what could happen. It might not even be you, but a loved one who needs to be bailed out of jail.

If you are interested in learning more about bail and how it works, you can talk to someone who works for a bail bond company. They can tell you all about bail judgments, the bailout of jail definition, bail paperwork that needs to be done, how bail without conditions works, and much more.

It is far too easy to find yourself in a jam these days with the law. If something like this happens to you, whether you had one drink too many or are well known in the court system, a full-service bail bond company is going to be one of your very first calls.

Bail Bond Statistics

Many people have heard of a full-service bail bond company, but do not know much about them. When you have broken the law and have been caught doing so, or are accused of breaking the law even though you are innocent, a full-service bail bond company can get you out of jail quickly and easily. A conducted study showed results that at least once in their lifetime, 52% of American men will be placed under arrest. In a different study that was conducted in a 2011 edition of Pediatrics, results showed that one in three people will be arrested by the time they reach the age of 23. In fact, statistics have also shown that between the time frame of June 2010 and June 2011, there were approximately 12 million people who were arrested and processed through the jail system all across the United States.

Today, there are approximately 14,000 bail agents that are operating in the United States alone. Current statistics state that at any given day in the United States, 60% of the people who are under arrest and in jail in the United States are being held while they are not yet convicted, but are awaiting the resolution of the charges being held against them. Other statistics from conducted studies show that if suspected criminals were given enough time, at least 1 in 25 of the people in death row in the United States would be exonerated. Unfortunately, most of them meet their fatal end before they are given that opportunity.

Why Do You Need Bail?

A full-service bail bond company comes in handy in many different situations. You may find yourself in need of help for misdemeanor bonds or even for a felony. Since the year 2000, the jails in the United States have been operating at an average of 91% capacity. The Bureau of Justice shared statistics from some of their studies which showed that the number of people who have needed money for bail has risen by 30% between the years of 1990 and 2006. These are the last statistics available as 2006 was the last year that bail statistics were released to the public. It is safe to assume that the numbers have continued to rise, making the need for bail bonds increasingly popular and not as rare as they may have once been. How does a bond work? A bail bondsman will charge a non-refundable fee in exchange for posting a bond on a person’s behalf. Typically, the charge is about 10% of the full bail amount. When a bondsman is used, the accused criminal can get out jail for only this 10% of the full bail amount instead of paying the entire fee. However, the 10% fee is almost always non-refundable and will be lost.

There are currently 14,000 bail agents that are operating in the United States. They see a variety of problems in which a full-service bail bond company is needed for bail bonds to get out of jail and back to freedom. In 2014, statistics showed that 6,745,600 people were in jail or under correctional supervision in the United States, which makes plenty of work for a bail bond service to keep up and running. But why might you need one? Perhaps you had a few too many drinks on your night out and get caught driving under the influence. Maybe you were busted shoplifting at a local store. If you have ever been in a property or vandalism feud, you may also find help with a bail bond service. Bail Bond companies are also helpful when it comes to more serious crimes such as kidnapping, rape or alleged manslaughter as long as the judge has set a bail price that allows the supposed criminal to be released from jail before their appearance in court.

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