Tips to Hiring a Criminal Defense Lawyer

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Dealing with criminal charges requires the help of a professional criminal defense attorney. To learn more about how to find the right attorney for you, read this article and watch the video above.

You Want Experience

When searching for a lawyer, make sure to find one with specific experience. Not just any experience will do. You need a lawyer steeped in the knowledge of your particular legal issues.

You also want the lawyer to have experience in the specific courthouse you will be going to. If they know the judge and prosecutor, you’ll be much more likely to have a favorable outcome.

Review, Referrals, and Testimonials

To get a better sense of a lawyer you’re researching, make sure to check out reviews and testimonials online. You can see how highly the attorney is rate and whether other clients have has experiences similar to yours. Getting referrals from trusted sources is a good way to start this process.

Communication & Promises

Explicitly ask your prospective attorney how frequently they’ll communicate with you about your case and over what medium. Lawyers may have multiple clients and not be able to get back to you right away. Understanding your attorney’s communication habits will save you from a lot of unneeded stress.

Also, if a lawyer promises you a certain outcome, this is an enormous red flag. They cannot promise you anything. Be wary of anyone who does.

Make sure to do your homework. Finding the right lawyer can change your life.



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