How Do You Become a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

With so many businesses and individuals losing income due to the pandemic, there’s an uptick in bankruptcy files and claims like you wouldn’t believe. With this giant influx of work, bankruptcy lawyers are in high demand. If you have been interested in joining the world of law, then the bankruptcy side of the industry may be perfect for you. There is never any shortage of work for a bankruptcy lawyer, so it’s a wise decision to get on the track to becoming one of these financial experts.

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In this video, we will take a look at how you can become a bankruptcy lawyer.

First of all, bankruptcy law is all about a clients money and finances. If you want to pursue this industry, you should have a bit of experience in numbers, money, budgeting, and legal terms for income. Once you feel comfortable enough in the world of Bankruptcy Law, you should join NACBA and/or your State Bar Bankruptcy Section. These groups offer support to practicing bankruptcy attorneys. Next, you should read the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in additional to your local rules regarding bankruptcy. Finally, read the Argyle Publishing bankruptcy books in addition to the NCLC BK series of books.


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