Find the Best Truck Accident Lawyer with These Tips


Motor vehicle accidents are an unfortunate part of life in today’s world. In 2013, more than 21,000 passengers died in car accidents. Another 2.05 million passengers were injured. When trucks are involved, especially the large ones that are used to transport goods and products around the country, the fatality rate is higher. These accidents cause a lot more damage. If you have been in such an accident and are thinking about filing a personal injury lawsuit, you should know that you only have a certain amount of time. Many states have statutes of limitations on civil lawsuits. That means you only have a set amount of time in which you can file a personal injury lawsuit. Every state is different. Tennessee, for instance, gives people one year for wrongful death or personal injury lawsuits. If your accident involved a truck, your best bet is to find the right truck accident lawyer right away.

What is a truck accident lawyer? You may have never heard of such a thing. There are different types of lawyers and they all specialize in different parts of the law. Within the realm of personal injury lawyers, there are even different kinds. There is the truck accident lawyer but you also have those who are experts in medical malpractice or injuries in the workplace. Now one lawyer can, and probably does, handle more than one kind of case. A truck accident lawyer may also handle other kind of car accidents or personal injury cases.

How to Find the Best Attorney for Your Case.

Talk to people you know.

The best way around that you can find good lawyers or other services is to talk to the people in your life that you trust. Talk to your friends and family. Sure, they may not have been in an accident that also included a truck but they may have had some dealings with a personal injury lawyer and that firm may also have a truck accident lawyer on staff. They may be able to point you in the right direction for this kind of attorney.

Interview several law firms. Law firms offer free first consultations for a reason.

That is how they get new business. It gives you a chance to go in and see if they think you have a case at all. Not every accident involving a truck or not rises to the level of a personal injury lawsuit. They can review the facts of your case and let you know if they think you can get a settlement out of it. Many also do not get paid unless they win so they are not going to take on a case that they think cannot be won.

This is also your chance to interview them. There are many questions to ask personal injury lawyer. You need to know that the truck accident lawyer that is assigned to your case has a lot of experience with these kinds of cases. The vast majority of personal injury settlements are won outside of court. At least 96% come as a result of negotiations so you need someone who has done that successfully before. Ask who will be handling your case, how long they think it will take, what their track record is and how much time they spend on this kind of law. You do not want a lawyer who spends most of their time on medical malpractice handling your truck accident case. Ask about their fees and fee schedule. Every firm bills differently so you need to know what they will charge, if anything, if you do not win.

Make sure you can communicate with your lawyer.

Your truck accident lawyer does not have to turn into your best friend in the world but you are going to have to share some very personal information with them. If you feel that you will not be able to do that, they will not be able to effectively handle your case.

Being involved in any car accident can be very stressful. Dealing with a lawsuit on top of that just adds to your stress level. Having a good lawyer that you trust on your side will make the process a lot easier to deal with.


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