Affairs Are One of the Top Reasons People Get Divorced

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Did you know that 42% of all marriages end in divorce? And for individuals who are in the throes of their second marriage, chances are even higher, with a 60% rate of divorce. No one ever wants to get divorced, as it is not only traumatic and painful, but it is financially draining in every way imaginable. What’s worse, it can have negative effects on your family, children, and emotional wellbeing — which will also cost money when you factor in the therapy you and everyone else will need to recover from the trauma of it all.
But if no one wants to get divorced, why does it even happen in the first place? According to a number of statistics, there are many factors that contribute to the big legal “I don’t.” But above all reasoning, 25% of people in mediation groups report that their divorce happened because of an affair.
Not surprised? Well we don’t blame you. It seems that no matter where you look — whether it’s real life or the media — there are portrayals of affairs and infidelity. What’s worse, these portrayals are often depicted in a sexy or glamorous manner, making them all the more appealing. Om reality, it usually just leads to a serving of divorce papers and you need a divorce lawyer to separate you from the person that ruined your life. And ask anyone who’s been through it, there’s no such thing as a fun, carefree, or low cost divorce.

But what’s the truth about affairs? When you’re looking to choose a divorce lawyer after your partner has cheated on you, you need to know the facts. That way, when you choose a divorce lawyer, they can provide you with the divorce help you need, based on your specific case.
That’s why you should do your research and call a trusted divorce lawyer today.

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