Bondsman Denied Bond for Charges of Prostitution, Extortion, and Solicitation

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Richmond, VA-based bail bondsman Vladimir Tarabay was indicted on three prostitution charges in mid-August. He has also been charged with attempted forcible sodomy, extortion, and solicitation of prostitution.

Tarabay was initially arrested on July 29, after a victim came forward, claiming that the accused had propositioned that he would grant them bail bond services in return for sexual favors.

Wanda Young, owner of Young’s Bail Bond, another area practice, could not believe the allegations.

“People that are arrested or in jail, they are already at a disadvantage. Whether they are innocent or guilty, it doesn’t matter,? Young said. “That’s like extortion, deception.”

Phone call evidence was released to the public on Sept. 9, tht recorded a conversation that the bail bondsman had with one of his clients.

The following is an excerpt from the conversation:

Tarabay: “Can I at least think about you when I’m in Hawaii.”

Female inmate: “Hello?”
Tarabay: “You don’t mind if I think about you while I’m in Hawaii, do you?”

Female inmate: [Laughter] “No.”

Tarabay:“Ok, Ok, and you’re going to work with the bondsman twice a week, yes?”

Female inmate: “Yes.”

Tarabay: “Until the bond is completely 100-percent over?”

Female inmate: “Yep.”

Since his arrest, approximately 12 men and women have come forward with similar accusations of soliciting sexual favors in exchange for service, according to lead case detective Joe Wechsler. Tarabay has also since been charged with rape in the City of Richmond.

Ironically, Tarabay was denied a bail bond in district court after being charged with attempted forcible sodomy, three counts of extortion and another count of solicitation, in addition to the prostitution charges he was indicted on in August.

He appealed to the Henrico County Circuit Court on Thursday, Sept. 8, citing his bond denial, but the results were unsuccesful. The judge believed that Tarabay was, “a threat to the public.”

Tarabay owned and worked for Fast Bail Bonding, a full-service bail bond company in the city of Richmond. His job was to take payment, sometimes in installments, in exchange for misdemeanor and felony criminal bonds.

The company was founded in 2013, and serves Richmond, Hopewell, Petersburg, Colonial Heights as well as Chesterfield, Hanover, Henrico, New Kent, and Prince George counties, according to the website.

After multiple attempts to make bail, Tarabay remains behind bars at the Henrico County Jail. His next court date is scheduled for 11 a.m. on Oct. 20, 2016.

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