Looking for a Private Dick on the Jersey Shore

For those who need investigative services in Nj private investigators can be about a lot more than the rather cliche film noir scenario of catching a cheating spouse (although many PIs still excel at this!). Nj private investigators often serve business as well as private individuals, with security consulting being a particularly hot field. That’s […]

With An Estate Attorney, Phoenix Residents Can Plan Two Important Things

While many people think of getting life insurance or writing a will to plan for their future, this is not nearly enough because this does not really set up your assets properly. If you want to be certain that your assets are given out as you intend after your passing, you need to hire the […]

The rules of legal fee deductions

Having to pay legal fees is never anyone’s idea of a great time. But having the option of deducting them is a lot less painful. For example, a 40 percent tax rate equals about $10,000 in legal fees. But the deductibility of legal fees means it will only cost about $6,000. However, one should be […]