Looking for a Private Dick on the Jersey Shore

Nj private investigators

For those who need investigative services in Nj private investigators can be about a lot more than the rather cliche film noir scenario of catching a cheating spouse (although many PIs still excel at this!). Nj private investigators often serve business as well as private individuals, with security consulting being a particularly hot field. That’s why any number of non police investigations are best conducted by private investigators in new jersey, from arson investigation to routine surveillance or even accident reconstruction.

Private detectives NJ and elsewhere have worked to expose fraud, to ensure fair disbursement of insurance money and to test whether or not the physical and electronic security of various businesses is as good as their owners believe it to be. NJ private investigators vary widely in specialization, and most have some background in the legal field, or more commonly in law enforcement. Often they’re retired police detectives, but the skills they honed on the police force can give them special resources and insight into, for instance, how to conduct an undercover operation. Trying to catch a boss, coworker or employee misbehaving at work? NJ private investigators understand the legal limits of what they can and cannot do to catch a wrongdoer red handed, or to uncover other info needed for an investigation. There’s private investigator Morristown NJ as well, for people who need to hire a PI that can work “closer to home.”

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