You Have To File A Personal Injury Case For The First Time What Next?

You never expect to get into an accident. It’s a sad fact of life.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get back on your feet. Whether it’s a truck accident that totals your car or a drunk driving encounter that has you suspecting foul play, there’s an attorney out there that can help you figure out this mess. You have a lot of work to get to signing paperwork, receiving consultations, and looking up local laws. You might even find yourself in a courtroom. Approaching your personal injury case, however, begins with a simple phone call.

Legal advice takes on many different forms. Here is a basic rundown of the more common issues encountered in the United States and what you should know about your rights.

Personal Injury Cases In America

The most important thing you can learn on your way to a reasonable conclusion is that you’re not alone. Personal injury cases are common in the United States, with millions of individuals and companies alike filing for reasons ranging from negligence to workplace accidents. When you reach out to a motor vehicle accident attorney or commercial truck negligence attorney you recognize venturing into the legal system on your own is unwise. There are many rules, caveats, and prices to navigate. A professional can make sure you have it all sorted out.

Motorcycle Accidents

You might have just gotten out of a severe motorcycle accident. You’re juggling medical bills and wondering if the crash was caused by negligence. A motor vehicle accident attorney is a lawyer with a specialty in these cases, circumventing the more broad designation of ‘car crash’ and focusing on the unique issues around motorcycles. There are over six million car accidents in the United States every year. Motorcycle crashes, however, have a higher rate of fatalities than even truck pile-ups.

Drunk Driving

Another area you might have to venture in is that of drunk driving. Roads are hazardous at the best of times, but drunk driving remains one of the most commonly encountered issues today. Some states determine drunk driving arrests differently, such as Utah and its recently adjusted BAC. You can bring up to your motor vehicle accident attorney the possibility of drunk driving, a term that has now expanded to include driving under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, and over-the-counter medication. GHSA’s yearly Spotlight On Pedestrian Traffic Fatalities estimates 6,000 pedestrians killed in motor vehicle accidents in 2017 alone.

Dog Bites

If you’ve been bitten by a dog, an insurance claim lawyer should be your next stop. The Centers For Disease Control And Prevention have determined over four million dog bites occur every year in the United States. Not only are these painful, they can potentially expose you to serious disease or infection. A dog bite attorney can help you figure out your health insurance, medical bills, and potential criminal charges. Consequences for not handling an animal correctly can include fines, removal of the dog, and even jail time.

Medical Malpractice

An extremely difficult issue to approach is medical malpractice. That doesn’t make it any less common. According to recent data by the U.S. Department Of Justice the most common personal injury cases include motor vehicle accidents and medical malpractice, the latter of which sees thousands of new cases every year. This term is broad and can include inappropriate behavior on behalf of a nurse, providing the wrong medication, and working while under the influence of drugs. No matter how severe your case, a lawyer is necessary to see it through to the end.

You’re not alone. A motor vehicle accident attorney can answer any questions you have and provide you a means of finally addressing your case properly.

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