When To Consult A Matrimonial Divorce Attorney

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Sometimes, as unfortunate and sad as it often is, marriages just don’t work out. For whatever reason, a number of couples decide to file for divorce. Filing for divorce can be a lengthy, painful, and confusing process, particularly if the couple’s children are involved. Divorce lawyers can provide family law advice as well as answer any questions the couple may have about the impending divorce. A matrimonial law attorney is specially educated to know the ins and outs of divorce, to help you figure out how to proceed with your life, and how to settle with your soon to be ex spouse and decide how to divide your possessions as well as custody if children are in the picture.

Divorce is all too common, making the matrimonial law attorney a sought after position. A matrimonial law attorney is often busy, as a divorce occurs in the United States every thirty six seconds. That’s almost two every minute and around 900,000 every year. Of those divorces, around one million children become involved in divorce proceedings. Of the 41% of first marriages that end in divorce, around 30% have one or more child under the age of eighteen, meaning that custody arrangements are incredibly crucial and important to settle as quickly and painlessly as possible. Many soon to be divorced couples have family law questions, as the legal system can be complex and confusing. A matrimonial law attorney can help to fill in those gaps, providing the necessary information so that parents can proceed in the best interest of the child or children. In New York, courts make the decisions about custody arrangements until a child is eighteen years of age and no longer legally considered a child. Unless there is a court order in place specifying otherwise, both parents have equal rights to the child or children. If there is an issue of the child or children’s safety, then it will be important to bring these concerns up with a matrimonial law attorney.

Not all divorces need to be settled in a court setting though. Actually, the vast majority – around 90% – of divorces are able to be settled outside of the courts. If a divorcing couple can remain amicable enough to walk through the divorce process without a judge’s intervention, a matrimonial law attorney can help both parties through the process.

Divorce is almost never a happy thing. It can be emotionally devastating as well as financially. Fortunately, a matrimonial divorce attorney can help to make the process as smooth and quick as possible, helping both parties be able to move on with their lives sooner rather than later.

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