Understanding how Misdemeanor Bonds Work

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Are you looking to help someone out with their misdemeanor bonds? Hiring a bail bondsman can help you get just about any bond you need. With the right paperwork and information, you can easily get a misdemeanor bond provided to you by a bail bonds agency.

What is a Misdemeanor Bond?

The first step to getting a misdemeanor bond is understanding what it is first. A misdemeanor bond is a bond that is placed out when people with misdemeanors get sent to jail. This rarely happens, however there have been cases where judges have remanded the person to jail and set a bail price.

The Price of These Non-Arrest Bonds is Low Usually

Misdemeanor bail isn?t usually priced because most people are often released on their ?own recognizance? meaning that they have the ability to leave the court without having to pay a dime. However, there are certain conditions where a judge may set an actual bail amount.

If you have been released before on your own but you decided not to come to court when it was time, chances are you will have to pay a bail amount next time you are in court. Many people don?t realize how serious the courts take it when you decide to skip out on bail, especially when they were being generous not requiring any payments from you.

Other offenses that can give you a bail amount for a misdemeanor are repeat offenses. If you continue to do the same thing, the judge is going to see it in your record the second you step up. The judge is going to most likely recommend that you see a full-service bond company to help with getting your bail posted because you will need to put something down to get out of jail the second time around.

Contact a Bail Bonds Agent to Help You Out

Most bail bond agents don?t deal with misdemeanor bonds because they are too low. In order to post 10% of the bail, the bail must be set at a certain price (usually $1,000 or more) in order for a bail agency to get involved. Anything below a certain price for bonds will require a payment in full in order to release you.

However, certain misdemeanor bonds do exist out there. Full service companies usually offer to help you with paying the full amount and require that you pay it off over time in installments. Of course there are prorated charges though because they need to make money off of your mistake somehow.

Full Service is the Way to Go with Misdemeanor Bonds That Are Set

The only way you will most likely be able to get a misdemeanor bond is through a bail bond agency that gives full service. Go online to see which local bondsman near you offer full-service. Most companies specify on their website what services they are willing to offer their customers. However, if you don?t see this information on their website, call them personally and ask the representative that answers.

Misdemeanor bonds are no joke, but they can be cleared up with the right bail bonds company in your local area.

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