Three Things To Verify In A Scottsdale DUI Attorney

Felony dui

A misdemeanor dui is a serious offense in the state of Arizona. It could cause you to lose your license for a long period of time, and you could serve a jail sentence and pay a hefty fine too. This makes finding a quality Scottsdale DUI attorney of the utmost importance if you recently were charged with driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Representing yourself here is a slippery slope and one that could put you behind bars. Pick a Scottsdale DUI attorney with these characteristics, though, and you up the chances of finding success with your case.

First, pick a Scottsdale DUI attorney or Phoenix dui attorney who can prove to you easily that his record is strong. His record actually should speak for itself, so ask about it when you first speak with a Scottsdale DUI attorney. He might not be able to tell you about the cases he has handled with past clients since there is confidentiality there, but he can and should easily tell you what percentage of cases he has gotten thrown out, what percentage he has won lesser charges for clients and what percentage he has lot. He needs to be honest here, and if you have the time you could quite feasibly conduct your own investigation into the Scottsdale DUI attorney or a Mesa dui lawyer to assure he has the track record he says he has.

Second, choose a Scottsdale DUI attorney who causes you to feel very comfortable in his hands. Lawyers are not always decent communicators, but they all should be. Find and hire a Scottsdale DUI lawyer who treats you with respect, who lets you know how things are going as your case progresses and who values your insight and your own opinions on your case. Someone who makes it seem like you are just a number may not be as serious about getting you a lesser charge or dropping it entirely than a Scottsdale DUI attorney who values what you have to say.

Third, select a Scottsdale DUI attorney or Tempe DUI lawyer who currently is in good standing with the legal community in Scottsdale or Tempe and throughout Arizona. This is easy to find out and requires a phone call to the state bar association or a quick lookup of this information online. Once that is done, feel free to select the lawyer with whom you are the most comfortable.

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