Hiring a Lawyer for DUI and Other Criminal Charges

Those accused of a crime may need assistance when they go to court, especially since handling legal matters in the courtroom requires a great deal of expertise that the average defendant probably will not have. Instead, criminal defense lawyers, DUI lawyers, and more are available from a criminal defense law firm, and any criminal defense law firm in a city will probably have a variety of agents to choose from, based on the defendant’s preference of experience, fees and more. Finding a criminal defense law firm does not have to be a challenge, and getting a DUI lawyer or a criminal defense attorney can make all the difference in a case.

Hazards of the Road

America’s roads can be a dangerous place around certain drivers. Those driving under the influence of drugs, or DUI, of alcohol and drugs is a serious problem for other motorists and pedestrians. In fact, someone is injured every two minutes, statistically speaking, as a result of a drunk driving crash. Over 300,000 people drive drunk every day, but fewer than 4,000 arrests are carried out. And even without drugs and alcohol, distracted drivers are a problem, usually those using a cell phone or other electronic device. It is believed that using electronic devices while driving can in fact increase the risk of a crash three times, and in some cases, if a victim was killed, this could cause involuntary manslaughter charges, based on the exact circumstances and the court’s appraisal of the situation. A criminal defense law firm, then, is needed.

Hiring a Lawyer

According to DMV, most often, an accused person will hire a DUI lawyer if they believe that they are not guilty, someone was injured or killed from the DUI crash, or if the accused believes that he or she can get the charges reduced to reckless driving. DUI lawyers specialize in this sort of case, and their expertise can get a client’s charges or sentence reduced or even dismissed. And if the accused had a legal amount of blood alcohol, they may be charged with “wet” reckless driving, which carries lighter sentences than a proper DUI case. For this charge, probation is much more likely than jail time or revocation of the accused’s driver’s license. In more serious cases where the accused injured or killed someone or was using other drugs along with alcohol, the DUI lawyer may advise the client to plead guilty to have the sentence reduced, although a large fine and jail time are likely.

Hiring a general criminal defense attorney is a good idea for someone facing serious criminal charges, and there are steps to take to find the right attorney at a criminal defense law firm, according to Attorneys. The accused is advised to bring such paperwork as bail papers, a copy of the police report (if possible), paperwork from a property search, or documents received from the court. Listing victims and witnesses can also help, given that none of those people is being represented by an attorney in that particular criminal defense law firm.

The accused can also have questions ready for the lawyer to learn his/her background and qualifications, such as where they graduated law school, their familiarity with relevant charges, and the length of their career. Once the accused finds a lawyer deemed trustworthy and personally comforting, the accused can check to review their legal options, what potential problems there could be, and contact information and expected time frame for a response. The accused would also do well to ask about the lawyer’s fee, such as whether they charge a flat rate fee or whether by the hour, and how much. In fact, the accused may contact that lawyer’s previous clients to get insider information to help decide which among several chosen lawyers is the best to represent them.

Legal Fees Deductible