Four Tips to Prevent Distracted Driving

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There are more distractions while driving today than ever before. In addition to cell phones that can be very addicting, there are also advanced radio systems. Many vehicles today are made with touch screens that allow you to bring up directions, change listening preferences, and utilize your mobile device through the vehicle?s screen. With so many distractions, there has also been a significant increase in auto accidents. Many of these accidents lead to bodily harm and the need for personal injury lawyers. Reduce your chances of being involves in motor vehicle accidents and requiring a personal injury lawyer by following these safe driving tips.

Avoid cell phone use while driving
It can be very difficult to avoid cell phone use while driving, especially with how connected we are to them today. The percentage of drivers using handheld cell phones or other electronic devices, however, has decreased from 3.8% in 2015 to 3.3% in 2016. Much of this decrease is due to alternative electronic usage. For example, if you need to be available to your employer at all hours of the day, consider getting a vehicle with a Bluetooth system. This allows you to answer phone calls, without taking your eyes off the road. Additionally, installing a text blocker during drive can also reduce the temptation to check your phone for messages.

Dedicate a passenger for directions
Many drivers rely on their cell phones to get from one location to another. However, even taking your eyes off the road for a second to pay attention to the navigation can be dangerous. If you plan on taking a long road trip or are visiting a city that you are not familiar with, dedicate a passenger in your car to be in charge of the directions. Hand them your phone or have them use their own navigation program to guide you safely to your destination. This is especially important for younger drivers. Globally, more than 50% of all road traffic deaths occur among young adults ages 15 to 44.

Take a no drive and text pledge
Some studies show that pledging to avoid driving and texting reduces the temptation. When you make a promise to drive safer, you are more likely to do so. Encourage any teen drivers in the house to take this pledge and if possible, reward them for avoiding cell phone usage while driving. Additionally, take the same pledge with your teens as adults are just at much of risk of texting and driving. Distracted driving is extremely dangerous, regardless of your age or driving experience. It can also be helpful to portray a safe driving habit. If you text and drive, your teenagers are more likely to also text and drive.

Remove unneeded distractions from the vehicle
In addition to cell phones, cars today have many other distractions. Purchasing a vehicle with all of the technological extras may not be worth it. Avoid going with vehicles that have too many electronic gadgets. If you do purchase a new vehicle that has unfamiliar amenities, consider learning these settings and how to operate each device before operating the vehicle. Attempting to learn new devices while also operating a vehicle can be very dangerous and could result in an accident, also needing a personal injury lawyer.

There were an estimated 32,166 fatal motor vehicles crashes in the U.S. in the year 2015. Vehicle and truck accidents have been on the rise as technology continues to become more important. Personal injury law firms are seeing more accidents related to distracted driving. Distracted driving can be just as dangerous as driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When you are operating a vehicle, make distraction free driving a priority. You don?t want to cause an auto accident and require the services of a personal injury lawyer, all because you simply were not paying attention.

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