Finding a Good DUI Attorney Can Help Avoid Devastating Penalties

It’s no secret that a DUI is one of the more serious offenses that a driver can commit on the road. This is why DUI attorneys exist, and the reason why you need to find one the moment you’re charged with a DUI. Doing so can help improve your odds of getting a favorable outcome from the process.

The professional you find should be able to guide you and respond to questions you might have, including “if I get a DUI can I still drive?” or “can you still drive after a DUI?” The more you know about the process and potential outcomes, the more likely it will be for you to take the right steps and manage your expectations.

That said, do your own research on the side by searching online for things like “can you drive if you have a DUI?” or “can you still drive if you get a DUI?” and have a look at the results. This way, you may have a better understanding of the process and find it easier to frame your questions when talking to the professional. When all is said and done, you must try your best to never get into a similar position thanks to the massive risks involved with driving while intoxicated.

Dui attorney cost

Some mistakes are very costly. Running that red light, in fact, could cost you your driver’s license, your job, and your freedom. Without some really good legal representation, you could be looking at some serious penalties. As soon as you returned home form the accident you started calling around and asking your friends about how to find a good DUI attorney. Driving under the influence (DUI) is a serious offense in every state in the country. Some states, however, have harsher penalties than others.
Once you figured out how to find a good DUI attorney, you scheduled an appointment to meet. At the first meeting he asked many questions. Some of them did not seem to have much to do with driving. Some of them, however, made more sense. One question turned out to be the secret to your defense. The question was simple enough at first, but the answer was spectacular. The attorney asked several questions about your past driving habits. And while you initially thought that it might be difficult to convince him that you were a really responsible driver who had just made an error in judgement, you said something that really caught his attention.
You told him that you had recently participated in a driving review that monitored your driving habits for 90 days. As a result of your safe driving habits, you had recently received a 30% discount off your car insurance. The three month long program monitored four specific driving activities:

  • MILEAGE This total represents the number of miles driven since the first week of review.
  • NIGHTTIME DRIVING This records the percentage of miles driven between midnight and 4:00 am.
  • RAPID ACCELERATION The number of occurrences of rapidly increasing vehicle speed.
  • HARD BRAKING The number of occurrences of rapidly decreasing vehicle speed.

After the three month monitoring period was over, you were happy to explain to your lawyer that you had very few negative reports. In fact, the only minor infractions occurred the first week when you did not realize how your sensitive brakes and gas peddle would affect the monitoring process.
As a result of this positive report, your lawyer was able to argue for a lighter sentence. The fact that this was your first DUI offense and the fact that you had a very low alcohol level, kept you from having to pay larger fines or spending time in jail. You had a brief license suspension, but all things considered, it was a pretty manageable penalty.
The Top Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Clients Avoid Stricter Penalties
Finding a good attorney is essential if you find yourself in a situation where you have broken the DUI laws in your state. In fact, how to find a good DUI attorney should be the first question you ask yourself if you find out that you are ticketed.


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