Drunk Driving Law

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Drunk driving laws can seem simple, but it and its consequences can be far more complex than you might think initially. If you have been charged with an intoxication offense, find an expert in drunk driving law to defend you. When you have been charged, you will want to make sure that you can manage the situation to your greatest advantage to avoid losing your license or having to face other serious consequences.

Drunk driving lawyers can help you to defend yourself against these serious charges. An attorney who is experienced with drunk driving law should know the nuances of it so that you can mount the strongest possible defense. Your first DUI may only require you to pay a $450 “license reinstatement fee”, but it can also result in six points being added to your license. Aside from the cost of hiring an attorney and paying fines, DUI offenses in Ohio can also result in the suspension of your license from anywhere between six months and three entire years. If you have been charged, you will want to avoid a suspension and the potentially far reaching effects that it will have on your life.

Currently, there are two people that share the Ohio record for most drunk driving convictions. Each of them has twenty convictions right now. You really do not want to join the ranks of these two people. Drunk driving defense lawyers can help you to avoid this. Even if the evidence is strongly against you, negotiating a good plea bargain, like bringing the charge down to something like reckless driving involving alcohol, can lessen the impact that a conviction will have on your life and save you time and money. If you have been charged with an intoxication offense, contact an experienced attorney immediately. Links like this: www.columbus-dui-attorney.com

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