Do You Need the Help of an Attorney or a Lawyer?

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Do you want to contest a ticket from a routine traffic stop?
Do you need help avoiding eviction?
Are you trying to decide if you should file a bankruptcy claim?
Have you decided to file for divorce?
Has your son been ticketed with his second driving under the influence offense?
Has your daughter been a victim of a car accident where the other driver was ticketed?
Has your husband been injured in a work place accident?
When was the last time you needed the advice of a legal representative?
Possible bankruptcy or eviction, serious traffic violations, divorce, and personal injury accidents are all times when a person made need to seek the advice of a legal representative.
Although some people hesitate to seek advice from a lawyer for fear of the cost, in many cases a legal team may agree to meet with you the first time for no fee to at least talk about your case. For many, the decision to work with a legal representative is a good decision.
Bankruptcy and Evection Are Serious Situations That Often Benefit from the Advice of a Legal Representative
Did you know, for instance, that with an attorney, the success rate for Chapter 7 bankruptcy claims is more than 95%? Often when an individual or small company are considering the bankruptcy process, they are are already stressed and anxious about the terms of the bankruptcy and the expense. Consulting a legal representative, however, could end up saving you money if the case is settled quickly and allows you to begin pursuing your financial road to recovery. In the year 1980, businesses accounted for 13% of bankruptcies. Today, however, businesses only account for 3% of the bankruptcies. The rest are personal bankruptcy cases.
Evictions, like bankruptcies, can completely unsettle your life. Even though you may be behind on your rent, your landlord has to follow certain procedures when serving an eviction. If you are not behind on your rent, the landlord may still have the right to evict you, but again certain procedures must be followed. Did you know, for instance, that eviction regulations can vary from state to state? They can also vary according to the terms of a signed contract. Even though you do not have a legal contract, however, it is possible that you may have some rights that are being overlooked. Seeking legal advice may help you understand the rights that you do have in the event of an eviction.
Traffic Violations Can Sometimes be Contested in Court
Seeking the advice of a local attorney may help you decide if you have a reason to contest a traffic violation or driving under the influence ticket.

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