Do Not Try to Solve Immigration Issues Without an Immigration Attorney

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There is the topic of immigration that is being hotly debated around the United States. Almost everyone you talk to seems to have a strong opinion on that topic, and especially how it should be addressed. You may also be in a position where you need the services of an immigration attorney.

Visa requests and immigration cases are often very complicated and you should not try to navigate the legal system without an immigration attorney. You may be looking for help with a K1 fiance visa application or answers to the question of how to apply for marriage visa. There are employment situations where an immigration attorney can also be of assistance.

One of the main focuses of immigration is that of the green card or the permanent resident card. This is a card that identifies the holder as being a permanent resident alien of the United States. An immigration attorney can help guide you through the 1992 Congressional pilot program that affects resident aliens. This program was designed to stimulate the economy and raise job growth, while allowing certain eligible immigrants to have the opportunity to become legal permanent residents.

Under this program, which is directed at investors or companies, there are several things to keep in mind that an immigration attorney can help with. For instance, an investor who wants to obtain EB 5 visa status must invest $1,000,000. They can also have the option of investing $500,000 in a “targeted employment area”. This is an area which is either rural or has high unemployment. This investment is to create or preserve a minimum of 10 jobs for U.S. workers.

There are also educational visa issues or questions about how to immigrate to USA lands legally that can use the assistance of an immigration attorney. An immigration attorney can help individuals and companies identify and overcome obstacles. They can also pinpoint opportunities, as well as help your remain in compliance with all immigration regulations.

An immigration attorney can also help you complete and track all of the necessary paperwork that may be required for the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service. Whether you just want to know how to apply for US citizenship or just how to make sure your workers are working legally, contact an immigration attorney.
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