Divorce in America

Divorce is all too common in the United States. The majority of individuals over the age of 30-years-old who married in their 20s have either been through marriage dissolution or are on the verge of asking their current partners for divorce. An attorney who specializes in family law can answer basic divorce questions revolving around everything from spousal support to child support. Can you divorce for free, though? Also, where can you file for marriage dissolution? You may be one to ask, “Can I file for divorce at the courthouse?”

There are many twists and turns in the world of divorce. There is absolutely no way that you can endure the process without a professional to help. While it is impossible to file for marriage dissolution without any financial responsibilities, you may be able to get through the process at a discounted rate. Some courts allow financially challenged individuals to request waivers for certain fees. Some lawyers are also willing to work for less if their clients cannot afford exorbitantly high charges.

Divorce, regardless of how common, is devastating. Read on to learn more about how a lawyer who specializes in family law can help!

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Portland Divorce Lawyers knows all the statistics that exist today regarding divorce and separation. For many in America, divorce is nothing uncommon. In fact, it has become so common practice that even one of our former Presidents, Ronald Reagan was divorced. With more than one million parents divorcing or separating each year in America, it is no wonder that Portland Divorce Lawyers are always busy and making money. Portland Divorce Lawyers can explain legal rights, and how the spousal support portland divorcees are entitled to will work. For many, this is something they will face at some point in their lives, whether they are directly involved or they know someone who is. For many men, this will happen by their thirtieth birthday, which is often when men seek a divorce for the first time. A family law attorney Portland professional can often explain what this will mean for the family going forth. It is also no wonder than the Portland divorce lawyers stay so busy! With the western states in America having the highest marriage and divorce rates, followed by the south, Portland divorce lawyers faces far more cases than he or she would if they lived and practiced in the Northeast where there is the lowest marriage and divorce rates than anywhere else in the country.

When asking Portland Divorce lawyers what trends they observe regarding marriage and divorce and what he or she thinks are contributing factors to the ultimate demise of the marriage, many often cite age, maturity, education, as well as income. The Portland Divorce lawyers will explain that often marriages have a higher chance of success if the partners marry at an older age and are more established from an educational, financial, and emotional state.

These characteristics lead to happier overall marriages and a lesser chance of failure because these key personal characteristics have already been addressed. A divorce attorney Portland couples seek can help guide the divorce proceeding and can help everyone at hand move forward.


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