Been Stopped for DUI in Orange County? Time to Pick Up the Phone

Orange county dui attorneys

Orange County law enforcement has been cracking down on drunk driving, hard. This is probably for the best as OC has a significant record of accidents and fatalities related to drunk and buzzed driving. Their most recent initiative was a police operation called Avoid the 38, meaning avoid representatives of the 38 law enforcement agencies in Orange County, all of whom were striking at once. They made between 40 and 43 arrests on a single Sunday in February. If you’ve run afoul of this recent crackdown, then you’re badly in need of an Orange County DUI lawyer.

Orange county dui attorneys understand that their clients have already been apprehended driving under the influence, and that their goal is to reduce your punishment to the minimum possible based on the circumstances. Ask an Orange County DUI lawyer what might happen to you in different legal situations following a DUI, and a really good Orange County DUI lawyer can identify which level of penalty is the most realistic for which you can argue.

An Orange County family law attorney is not the same as a DUI attorney! The business of a family law attorney Orange County usually resolves around divorces, child custody conflicts or other domestic disputes, or in establishing, changing or defending the status of a domestic union (like a marriage, civil union, domestic partnership, etc). A family lawyer may understand how to argue a DUI case, but only an Orange county dui lawyer has the background needed to truly make the best of your case. You will, of course, have to weight one Orange County DUI lawyer against another, deciding whose track record looks strongest, whose rates you can afford, whose style you prefer, and so on.

If you’ve been apprehended for DUI anytime during 2013, including during operation Avoid the 38, make absolutely sure that you’ve found the Orange County DUI lawyer you most trust.

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