Are You Considering Filing for Divorce?

My husband filed for divorce now what? Many people have this question and need help figuring out how to proceed. Whether you have had more or less than 5 days of separation, you need to find a good local law firm that will help you file for a divorce at a reasonable price. A good way to find an effective attorney is to ask for specific recommendations from others who have used family court attorneys. You can also look through the reviews of several attorneys to gauge how effective they are.

You might already have 5 days of separation, or you may have much more. However long your separation is, you can start the divorce proceedings once you hire your attorney. The case may drag on or be a relatively quick process. The length of this process will depend on how well everyone works together to make decisions.

After your divorce, you may want to attend a divorce recovery workshop to help you get through the healing process. Divorce can be a traumatic event and can upend your life. When you work through the emotions in a healthy way, you may find that you heal faster.


What do family lawyers do

The long weekend trip to visit your sister and her husband had been both stressful and strange.
You were such a frequent visitor that you typically fell right into the routine of your sister’s household, both when your two nephews were young and needed to be taken from one activity to the next and on the visits with it was just your sister and her husband at home after the boys had moved out and gone to college.
On the last visit, however, you struggled to figure out where all of the stress was coming from. Visiting as often as you do, it was immediately apparent that something was not right on the last visit. Fearing that your visit was the cause of the stress in the house, you spent an uncomfortable few days looking for clues as to what was wrong. It was not until the last night before your sister took you to the airport that she finally confided in you. She explained that she had filed divorce papers just a few weeks earlier.
Your sister went on to say that she did not want to have you cancel your trip, but that she had misjudged how awkward the situation would be. She was working with an uncontested divorce attorney and had been advised that the process would take time. Your sister and husband have an extensive portfolio and filing the divorce papers was only the first step in what was sure to be a lengthy process.
An uncontested divorce with children would have been more complicated, but there will still be many more things to work out with their older, their large home, their stocks and bonds, and other assets.

What Is Uncontested Divorce?
An uncontested divorce is a good idea for couples who know that they will be able to reach an amicable end to their marriage. Even the best intentioned customers, however, can find themselves in a mess if they first file for an uncontested divorce and then later start arguing over who gets the antique camera collection. An uncontested divorce, if it works, costs less, requires less paper work, and can be completed in a faster time frame. It is difficult, however, for must couples to make it all of the way through the divorce process without problems.
Consider some of the following statistics about divorce in the U.S:

  • 41% of first marriages in America end in divorce.
  • 60% of second marriages in America end in divorce.
  • 73% of third marriages in America end in divorce.
  • 1 million people in America have parents who divorce
  • 29 is the mean age of a female who is getting a first divorce.
  • 30.5 is the mean age of a male who is getting a first divorce.
  • One year is the average length of divorce proceedings in America.
  • Statistics indicate that marriages are more likely to last longer when people marry at an older age, have a higher education, and earn more money.
  • First marriages that end in divorce usually last an average of 8 years.

The Times they Are a Changin’
A significant part of marital history will be rewritten when President-elect Trump is sworn into office in 2017. Until this point in American history, Ronald Reagan is the only U.S. President to have been divorced. As Trump takes office he is doing so being married to his third wife. And as the nation argues and discusses what it will mean to have a President living in the White House Whose wife may be residing in New York, it is likely that America will continue to hear more about the marital history of the newest elected leader of the country.
As Americans continue to deal with both surprising and expected divorces of friends, families, themselves, and celebrities, many will have to decide what kind of legal advice they may need. And while an uncontested divorce may seem like the best alternative, the reality is that most couples need legal guidance as they navigate their way through the often messy process of dividing property and belongings.
If you are in the process of considering filing divorce papers, it might be wise to consider legal counsel. Serving the divorce papers is only the first step in what will likely be a very lengthy process.

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